The Present Actor

Online 90-Min Masterclass - Sat May 2 |11AM ET|

Feeling completely in your head as an actor? Finding it difficult to connect with the moment because you are too stressed or anxious? It's time to get present! | $147 USD
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The Authentic Actor

Getting Real = Getting Work

Stuck in a negative thought cycle? Thinking you'll never make it as an actor? So confused about what Casting actually wants?? It's time to stop struggling, stop being confused, and step into your authentic, confident self so you can book those gigs and live the life YOU DESERVE! | $299
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Rejection-Proof Actor

Reject Rejection & Become a Booking Magnet

Nerves are the number 1 reason actors fail to book. After these 10 days, you're going to be a confident POWERHOUSE and learn to control those nerves! Are you ready?! | $597
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Rich AF Actor

Break the Broke Actor Cycle!

It sucks being broke! And when you are an actor, this feeling can add extra layers of stress to your life. When you bring this energy into auditions, it can sabotage your success.. In this online masterclass, step into wealth, success, and your worth as an actor! | $99
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